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Who We Are


Zlatan Buyukliev, CPA

General Partner

The Firm was founded by Zlatan Buyukliev as a Sole Proprietorship (Tax and Accounting Services' Office) in Chicago in 2007. His accounting experience began in 2002 in Bulgaria, Europe, while he was obtaining his Master Degree of Accounting and Audit. He was advising clients in numerous industries including transportation, manufacturing, construction and business services. Zlatan's Bachelor Degree is in Economics, major study Management.

Pavlina Byulbyuleva, CPA

General Partner and Co-Founder of B&B, LLP.


Pavlina received her Master Degree in Accounting and Audit in 2003. She has a corporate accounting experience from a wine cellar and assisting clients in various industries in a family-owned accounting firm in Bulgaria, Europe. Throughout her experience, Pavlina has held Sr. Accountant positions within one of the largest US corporate entities. She has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Control and another Bachelor Degree in Economics, major study Agriculture Economics.

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