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Practice Areas

B&B, LLP offers a broad range of services to individuals and business clients.



Whether you are individual or business client  (S Corporation, C Corporation, LLP and Partnership) we can develop the best tax strategies, that takes all of the advantages of the tax laws. 



Full affordable payroll service. Penalty free guaranteed. Multistates. We can assist you in calculating your liabilities, make tax deposits and file your returns. 



 » Journal Entries Month-End 
 » General Ledgers 
 » Accounts and Aging Reconciliations 
 » Bank Reconciliation 
 » Fixed Assets and Depreciation Schedules 
 » Financial Statements Preparation 
 » Sales and Use Tax Returns 


Useful and objective analysis to assist you in making business decision and advising you to maximize your company's profitability and efficiency. 

Business entity selection


It is very important to choose the right form of entity for your business. We can help you in determine the most advantageous form of business for you company. 


Compilation - based on client information provided, with no assurance.

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